WEBZEN Christmas 2016 Coupon Giveaway


The holiday season has come again, which means that we have once again partnered with WEBZEN to give away 1000 Christmas coupon codes. Just like last year's codes, these codes will work with one WEBZEN game of your choice, offering you different items for each game.

To get your code, simply fill out the form below. Instructions for redeeming your code are included on the form. You can find more information about WEBZEN's holiday events here.

The items you will receive are as follows. None of the items listed can be traded.

Continent of the Ninth Seal

  • PC Cafe Premium Item
  • 5 Extreme Trainings [100%]
  • Skill Reset Scroll
  • Town Travel + Lv. 1
  • School Look Gear Set
  • 15 Resurrection Scrolls
  • Soul Set: Prelude to the Storm


  • Re-Stat (Event)
  • Re-Skill (Event)
  • 10 Upcut Stones (Event)
  • 10 Grilled Eels (Event)
  • Gray Tuxedo (M) Box (7 days)
  • Pink Dress (F) Box (7 days)
  • 5 Pink Balloons (6h)
  • 5 Blue Balloons (6h)

MU Online

One of each of the following.

  • Master Scroll of Wrath
  • Master Scroll of Healing
  • Master Scroll of Mana
  • Master Scroll of Health
  • Master Scroll of Wizardry
  • Master Scroll of Defense
  • Master Scroll of Battle


  • White bear with blue snowboard costume
  • Christmas Hat
  • Christmas Boots
  • Christmas Gloves
  • Christmas Costume
  • 10 Special Health Potions
  • 10 Special Mana Potions
  • 5 Altered Almighty Pieces (Enhanced)

MMOs.com WEBZEN Christmas 2016 Coupon Giveaway