Age Of Wulin Chapter 8 "Uncharted World" Launches March 8th


WEBZEN announced today that Age of Wulin's eighth chapter, "Uncharted World," will be launching on March 8th. Uncharted World will increase the current world's size by over two fold, adding eight new regions. Everything from deserts to "forests of stone" will be included. Six "secret areas" are also making their way into the game world.

A new, survival-esque game mode is being introduced. Players will have to manage constitution, hunger, thirst, and even body temperature in the new zones. Those who survive will learn "new fighting techniques such as traps" and gain access to new resources.

Age of Wulin will also be receiving a housing system. Players will be able to choose both the size and style of their house. Over 100 pieces of furniture will be in-game when Uncharted World launches, some of which give "powerful buffs."

For more information, head to the official website.