Snail Games China ( Account Registration Guide


Note: This guide is up to date as of January 12th, 2017.

Snail Games has a number of interesting games both released recently and on the horizon that are largely primarily exclusive to China. Lineage 2: Blood Oath, also known as Lineage 2: Blood Alliance, launched last year. Taichi Panda III and Dark and Light Mobile are launching sometime this year. The Age of Wushu gameplay and graphics updates will be going live later this year. Perhaps you're interested in trying out ARK: Survival Evolved Online, as it is free. Maybe you just want to play an older game of theirs, like Age of Armor or Voyage Century. Whatever the case, this guide will teach you how to register a Chinese Snail Games account.

To register for a Chinese Snail Games account, you will first need a Chinese ID number. Fortunately, you can obtain a randomly generated Chinese ID number and the relevant info here. Simply choose any ID, copy-paste the entire line, and save it somewhere. Should you decide to play any of Snail Games' mobile titles, you will need it later.

Important note: If you are using Google Chrome, it will automatically attempt to translate the page. You will need to click the Google Translate icon, click "Show Original," and copy-paste the original Chinese text in order for this process to work properly.

Once you have selected a Chinese ID, head over to the registration page. You will see the following form.


Fill it out as you would any other registration form. I have provided translations for the full form in the image above.

It is important to note that, while the cellphone number itself is unimportant, the format needs to be that of a Chinese cellphone number that could be legitimate. In the image above, it states that it could be any 11 digits starting with 1390, but you can use many other four digit prefixes at the beginning of your fake cellphone number, such as 1350, 1580, or 1780. The important part is that it looks like a real number, not that it is. You can find a full list of prefixes here.

If you have filled the form out correctly, you will be redirected to the homepage and automatically signed in upon hitting Submit.

You can find the full list of games offered by Snail Games China here.

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