Beacon Interactive Acquires Saber Interactive From Embracer Group

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Embracer Group continues to feel the sting of its failed $2 billion partnership deal as it sells Saber Interactive and several of its subsidiaries to Beacon Interactive for $247 million. That includes 3D Realms, DIGIC, Fractured Byte, New World Interactive, Mad Head Games, Slipgate Ironworks, Nimble Giant Entertainment, and Sandbox Strategies.

Embracer, on the other hand, will retain control of Beamdog, Snapshot Games, Tripwire Interactive, 34BigThings, Demiurge Studios, Aspyr, Shiver, and Tuxedo Labs. 4A Games and Zen Studios also remain part of Embracer for the time being until Saber Interactive takes them off Embracer’s hands for $500 million in stock options.

Saber Interactive will also be taking Aspyr’s upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake along with it. Gearbox Publishing is reportedly being sold off as well but has yet to be confirmed by both parties.