Blackshot M: Gears Beta Launches on Mobile in the Philippines

Blackshot M: Gears, a mobile release of the PC lobby FPS Blackshot Revolution, is now playable in the Philippines in English. It's currently only available in the Philippines during beta testing, but will be available more widely sometime in the near future. Blackshot M is designed to be fast paced but intuitive for new players. The game has a post-apocalyptic setting with 4v4 PvP combat. It features a unique card system, letting players collect character, weapon, and gear cards to choose the character and loadout. Cards of the same type can then be combined to level them up.

Blackshot M: Gears is developed by the Korean company Vertigo Games, the same developer as Blackshot: Revolution. Both games share a similar sci-fi military setting and fast paced gameplay.

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