Bless Unleashed Hit 71,000 Concurrent Players on Steam 2 Days After Launch

bless unleashed spring update key art banner

Bless Unleashed is off to an incredibly strong start. The game launched on PC just 2 days ago on August 6th and it hit 71,577 concurrent players online earlier today.

This is despite having a 'mixed' score with a Steamdb rating of 47.66%.

Many of the early negative reviews on Steam come from disgruntled Bless Online players, the old version of Bless which launched as a buy to play game in 2018 and shut down in 2019. The game's review score has inched up since launch and while bombarding the game with negative reviews before giving it a chance isn't fair, the first version of Bless felt like such a scam that I think its justified this time around. Still, it's clear that there's a huge audience of players out there looking for a new MMORPG to play. Time will tell if these players stick around or not, but its not abnormal for a game's playerbase to spike at launch and to quickly fall off, especially for free to play games.

Bless Unleashed PC - Steam Official Launch Trailer