Bless Unleashed Partners With WEMIX To Introduce Play-To-Earn Mechanics

bless unleashed spring update key art banner

Yet another development studio has decided to chase the pot of gold at the end of the blockchain rainbow as Valofe officially announces its plans to transform Bless Unleashed into a play-to-earn game. The studio has partnered with global blockchain platform, WEMIX, to incorporate play-to-earn mechanics into the MMORPG. According to the announcement press release, WEMIX is looking to expand [...]

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Bless Unleashed Adds Potential System, Dimensional Dungeons, And Ancient Grade Enhancements

bless unleashed potential core banner

Bless Unleashed players can now unlock the full potential of their characters via the new Potential system. The newly-added system allows players to equip Potential Cores that grant various account-wide buffs and effects such as increasing attack power, increasing defense, or decreasing the chance of getting hit by a critical attack. Potential Cores can be obtained from the Ancient Altar [...]

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Bless Unleashed Kicks Off New PvP Season, Adds New Lair Challenge And Field Boss

bless unleashed elfirkraag void soulraiser banner

If you’re itching for a fight in Bless Unleashed, then the game’s latest update has you covered. Take your pick from a massive fire-breathing dragon, an angry spectral mage, or each other as a new PvP season begins. The October update rolled out over the weekend changing the Time Dungeon rotation and adding the new Infernal Execution Grounds lair challenge [...]

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Bless Unleashed Celebrates Summer With The Salamander Solstice Event

bless unleashed swimsuit summer event banner

It’s time to put your swimsuits and summer hats on as Bless Unleashed as kicks off its summer celebration event, dubbed the Salamander Solstice. The aptly-named event will have players running around Lumios to collect fiery salamanders in exchange for Salamander Coins that can be used to purchase the Passionate Beach Swimsuit outfit, the accompanying headgear, and exclusive Salamander weapon [...]

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