Tekken Mobile Launches Globally

The world's most iconic fighting game franchises, Tekken, officially launched on mobile today with Tekken Mobile. Prior to today's release, the game was available in selection regions through a soft launch, but starting today anyone can play it globally. With over 1.7M pre-registrations leading up to today's launch there should be no shortage of players. Players who jump into the [...]

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Shot Online Golf: World Championship Soft Launches Today

Shot Online from Webzen just soft launched its mobile spinoff Shot Online Golf: World Championship in Australia, South Americas, and Southeast Asia. Like the PC version, Shot Online Golf: World Championship is a realistic golfing game where players can face off against opponents in real time across actual and fictional courses. The game features over 100 golf clubs and costumes, [...]

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Soul Worker Launches Into Open Beta

The instanced anime action MMORPG Soul Worker officially launched into open beta today in the West through Gameforge. Unlike most open betas though, Gameforge noted that they may reset all accounts prior to the game fully launching. While this isn't set in stone at the moment, it remains a distinct possibility. Players who participate in the open beta will receive [...]

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