Viking-Themed MMO Rune 2 Launches Exclusively On Epic Games Store This Summer

rune 2 viking horns

It’s been nearly 20 years since players journeyed to the mythical world of Midgard to fight Loki and prevent Ragnarok in the Viking-themed game, Rune. Now, Viking warriors are once again being called to save Midgard from Loki’s evil plots in Rune 2 (formerly Rune: Ragnarok) the highly-awaited sequel to Rune. Developer Human Head Studios announced that their finalizing development [...]

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Anime-Themed MMORPG Caravan Stories Coming To PlayStation 4 In July

caravan stories spider combat screen

Last month, Japanese developer and publisher Aiming Inc. announced that they were bringing their popular anime-themed MMORPG Caravan Stories to North American audiences. Apparently, that’s sooner than we think as Aiming reveals the official PlayStation 4 exclusive release dates for the much-awaited free-to-play MMO. According to a recent press release, the game goes into Open Beta on July 16th followed [...]

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