Microsoft - Activision Blizzard Merger Gets Unconditional Approval In China

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China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has given its unconditional approval for Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, demolishing another roadblock in the lengthy process. Microsoft announced the good news over the weekend, adding another major market to the list of countries that have given the deal the green light.

The European Commission had conditionally approved the merger just the previous week, bringing the total number of approved countries to 37. However, regulatory obstacles in the UK and a legal challenge from the US Federal Trade Commission still stand in the way of the merger’s completion.

The process of this multi-billion dollar buyout has been a protracted and complex one, with far-reaching implications for the gaming industry as a whole. While the merger faces continued resistance in certain regions, the approvals from numerous countries underscore Microsoft’s determination to forge ahead with its plans to absorb Activision-Blizzard into its portfolio.

For those seeking a concise overview of the events surrounding this merger and its potential ramifications, ABC News Australia has published a helpful video, which you’ll find embedded below, that condenses the latest developments and analyzes the potential impact of the merger.

With the completion of investigations in China and the conditional approval from the European Commission, the attention now turns to the UK and the legal challenge from the US FTC as the future of this monumental merger hangs in the balance.

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