Cleveland Cavaliers Join the League Of Legends NA LCS For 2018

In what can only be described as quite the turn of events, the Cleveland Cavaliers have signed on to join the North American League of Legends Championship Series, League sources told ESPN. The Cavaliers will be one of the teams competing in the 2018 Spring Split, and it will have to make a new brand, as the Cavaliers branding cannot be used due to NBA guidelines.

Fees for the Cavaliers to enter the NA LCS are pricey. $13 Million in franchise fees for the spot, with $5M due on the spot. $3M of the $13 Million price tag goes towards a pool that is divided amongst the teams that were removed from the NA LCS to make room for new teams. Team Dignitas, Team Envy, Phoenix1, and Immortals have all been rejected from the NA LCS.

"Out of respect for teams still in the application process and mutual NDAs, we're not able to comment on any individual applications for the NA LCS," a Riot spokesperson said. "We'll be announcing the full lineup in mid November once the process has concluded and look forward to sharing more details then."

The Cavaliers will have former Call of Duty pro player Nadeshot, real name Matthew Haag, to oversee their LCS operations. The Cavaliers are currently recruiting staff to run the team.

It will be interesting to see how the Cavaliers fare in their 2018 run of the NA LCS. Golden State Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob has also obtained a spot in the NA LCS, so some spicy banter can be expected in the future.