CLOSERS Gets A New Hero

Next week, players can look forward to a new hero coming to town in Closers. This new character is foul-mouthed and pretty edgy, according to his trailers and bio. His name is Nata, and his hobbies are revenge, reading, and carving. He was orphaned by war, and raised by the government as an experiment. He has been enslaved by Vulture Corp, but works to destroy his captors and win freedom.

Nata is a melee character, using chained daggers to sweep enemies and draw them in for close-range combos. Nata's starter pack is available to purchase for the price of 2,990 EMP (~$30) before he's set to launch, and will sell for 3,490 EMP (~$35) after his launch. While the exact release date is unclear due to the announcement page, the trailers state that he will be released on February the 21st. The character should be free for everyone, the EMP prices are simply for his starting pack.

For more info, check out the announcement page here.