Destiny 2 Sends Players Deep Into Titan’s Seas As Season Of The Deep Officially Begins

destiny 2 season of the deep cinematic still

Destiny 2 players can now dive into a brand-new adventure as the Season of Defiance comes to a close and Season of the Deep begins. The latest season will take players deep into the uncharted methane seas of Titan to investigate the origins of a distress signal and help out an all-knowing whale. There’s also plenty of fishing to be done if that’s your cup of tea.

Season of the Deep picks up where the MMO shooter’s narrative left off in Season of Defiance and will send players to various underwater locations as they search for Sloane after the Titan Commander put out a distress call. Along the way, they’ll meet a whale with information about the Witness.

Season pass holders will have access to weekly missions related to the storyline, as well as a new matchmade activity called Salvage. The new season also features the introduction of a fishing system for those who want to take a break from gunfights.

A new dungeon will also be opening its doors this Friday, May 26th, which will be exclusively available to those who bought the Lightfall expansion and annual pass, or those who purchase a dungeon key. The dungeon update will also bring with it a set of new weapons and armor, various Crucible improvements, and the promised changes that the team has been touting over the past few weeks.

Season of the Deep will run until August 22nd, giving players ample time to explore the mysteries hidden beneath the waves. Check out the season launch trailer below for a quick look at what the new season has to offer.

Destiny 2: Lightfall - Season of the Deep Launch Trailer