Destiny 2 Players Will Get To Test Experimental PvP Modes According To New Development Roadmap

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Back in February, Bungie revealed a detailed Destiny 2 development roadmap which listed planned features up until the start of Season 3 and the release of the Warmind expansion. What now, you ask? Well, the studio has released a new roadmap listing features planned to be released over the next couple of months. Expected features include the much-awaited Prestige modes, [...]

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The Destiny 2 Warmind Update Will Revamp Exotic Weapons And The Crucible

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Hyped about the upcoming Warmind expansion for Destiny 2? Well, Bungie has released a developer insight video that talks about what’s coming to the game when the expansion hits servers on May 8th. “Season 3 of Destiny 2 will deliver important new features to all players. Exotic weapons are becoming significantly deadlier. The Crucible is being augmented with Private Matches [...]

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