Destiny 2’s Season Of The Wish Is Now Live With Nearly 7 Months Of Planned Content

destiny 2 season of the wish key art banner

Destiny 2 has officially kicked off Season of the Wish, which will undoubtedly be one of the multiplayer shooter’s longest seasons to date. The new season is set to run for nearly 7 months following the confirmed delay of The Final Shape expansion to June 2024, with interim content and events planned for the latter half of the extended season.

Season of the Wish brings with it new weekly story quests that will send players off to the Dreaming City to obtain the key to the Pale Heart, locate the last remaining eggs of the Ahamkara in a new 3-player encounter, and ultimately go toe to toe with The Witness himself.

“The door to the Pale Heart remains locked. And in the wake of our endeavor with the Hive, an ancient mystery turns our gaze to the Dreaming City, to the last of the Ahamkara, and to the place of the Fifteenth Wish.”

The start of a new season also brings a new season pass, a new set of seasonal weapons and gear, several returning weapons from previous seasons, the limited-time The Witcher collaboration armor. Players can also look forward to the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon on December 1st, the start of the annual The Dawning winter event on December 12th, and the Starcrossed exotic weapon quest on December 19th.

Seasonal content will only be available until February, although the season itself will be extended up until The Final Shape’s launch on June 4th. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of things to do as Bungie preps new weekly progression quests for release in February, followed by the return of the Guardian Games in March, the Into the Light update in April, and three new PvP maps in May.

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