Dungeons and Dragons Online Mists Of Ravenloft Expansion Will Introduce A New Race, Expansion Live On Test Server

dungeons and dragons online groupLast week, Dungeons and Dragons Online revealed the juicy details of the Cleric and Favored Soul-centric Mists of Ravenloft expansion. If you’re waiting on word about the expansion, you’ll be happy to know that Standing Stone Games has just started testing a few of the planned changes that will be introduced into the game.

The features available in the test server include the new Aasimar race, Vistani Knife Fighter universal enhancement tree, and permanent gold seal hirelings. A number of Ravenloft-themed cosmetic items will also be available on the test server including the Vampire Hunter outfit as well as the Black Cat and Raven pets.

Community Manager Cordovan recently held a live stream with Maze Arcana as his guests. You can check out the full stream right after the jump, or you can head over to the Dungeons and Dragons official forums for more info on the upcoming Mists of Ravenloft expansion.