Dungeons and Dragons Online's Ravenloft Expansion Coming Soon

Dungeons and Dragon Online's much awaited Ravenloft expansion will be launching sometime in late 2017.

A third campaign will be officially added to DDO, the gothic-horror themed expansion Ravenloft was initially slated for a fall release. However, a recent developer livestream mentioned that the expansion had been pushed for a winter release instead.

Ravenloft will be released when it is ready, and we’ll have more info on the exact timing of it as we get closer to release. The plan is to release it by the end of the year. I don’t want to start getting into semantic debates over what ‘closer to’ means, but sure, there is a time frame we’d enjoy releasing Ravenloft during, and we’re working toward that goal. But as soon as we give time frames and dates, people will chisel it in stone, when the reality is more flexible than that.”

As one of Dungeons and Dragon's most successful and popular campaign settings, the new Ravenloft expansion will be bringing DDO players a lot of exciting new content to explore. Fans old and new alike can stay tuned for the upcoming release and be prepared to face the coming of the Dark Powers.