Epic Games Announces $3 Million Fortnite World Cup Creative Tournament

fortnite creative bannerThis past weekend, Epic Games kicked off the Fortnite World Cup Online Qualifiers which will culminate in the Fortnite World Cup Finals on July 26 – 28 in New York City. The tournament is part of Epic’s $100 million prize pool for competitive play. If you’re not into the whole Battle Royale scene, however, then maybe a Creative tournament might be just up your alley. Epic Games announced in a recent press release that they will be holding the Fortnite World Cup - Creative alongside the Battle Royale World Cup.

“Fortnite World Cup Creative trials will feature five events, each focused on a new Creative game. Fifteen participants will then be selected to face off in the ultimate Creative competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals for a chance to win a piece of a $3,000,000 Creative prize pool.”

All Fortnite players will have the chance to qualify for the event which will run from April 29 to June 7. “Every week you’ll have a chance to try out the latest Creative trial and submit your best clip using the event specific hashtag on YouTube,” explains Epic. “Our special Fortnite captains will select the top submissions as winners. The selected winners each week will be headed to New York City to participate in the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals!”

The first Creative Trial will be build and judged by popular Fortnite streamer Cizzorz. A new Creative Trial will be released every other week after that. Here's a sample of his works. Good luck!