Overloaded Matchmaking Service Forces Fortnite Devs To Do Emergency Upgrades

fortnite playground postmortem

Limited-time modes are Epic Games’ way of testing out new concepts and mechanics in Fortnite. While the past LTM’s have come and go without a hitch, the recently released Playground mode had some unforeseen and potentially game-breaking effects on the servers forcing the devs to temporarily disable the mode, fix it, and turn it back on. Epic explains what happened [...]

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Epic Games Announces $8M Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series

fortnite summer skirmish 2018

Epic Games has just proved that they’re not playing around when it comes to Fortnite e-sports tournaments. The studio announced that they will be awarding $8 million in prize money in their upcoming Summer Skirmish Series which, according to the announcement, “will be made up of community creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess.” Epic also revealed [...]

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Latest Fortnite Patch Finally Introduces A Player Reporting System

fortnite hero lineup

“Naughty” players beware! Epic Games has finally added a player reporting system to Fortnite with Patch 4.4. The first version of the system will allow players to report players for being AFK, ignoring objectives, communication abuse, offensive names, and harassment. Reports will be reviewed manually for now but devs hope to automate the process in the near future. “We are [...]

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