Fate/Grand Order NA Announces Garden of Sinners Collaberation

It's much closer than anyone thought, but it's here. Fate/Grand Order NA has announced its collaboration event with Kara no Kyoukai, better known as The Garden of Sinners. This is a rather special event in Fate/Grand Order, as it features the next free 4★ Servant, this time an Assassin known as Ryougi Shiki - those who have seen The Garden of Sinners will know who she is.

As always, MMOs.com will publish its Clock Tower Guide to this collaboration event, but for now, lets go over what is available for this event.

  • Limited Time 4★ Servant, Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)
    • Five copies are available for instant Noble Phantasm lvl. 5, as well as special event-only Ascension Materials
  • Black Cat Figurine Shop
    • Decapitating Bunny x5, 5★ Craft Essence
    • Talons of Chaos x20
    • Phoenix Plumes x20
    • Secret Gems x20 for every class
    • Mana Prism x1000
  • Strawberry Ice Cream Shop
    • Threefold Banner x5, 5★ Craft Essence
    • Ghost Lanter x20
    • Infinity Gear x20
    • Magic Gems x20 for every class
  • Mineral Water Shop
    • Summer's Futuresight x4, 4★ Craft Essence
    • Refrain x5, 4★ Craft Essence
    • 3★ ALL EXP Cards x100
    • 4★ ALL EXP Cards x100
    • 3★ ALL HP Fou Cards x20
    • 3★ ALL ATK Fou Cards x20
    • Void Dust x30
    • Gems x20 for every class

For details on how to farm this event, as well as a guide on clearing out the shop, please stay tuned for our Clock Tower guide!

The Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event will run from February 8th, until February 22nd, starting and ending at 3:59 UTC (10:59 PM EST)