Fate/Grand Order announces the Moon Goddess Event; Pre-launch Campaign

We finally have a conclusive start date for Fate/Grand Order's next event! Starting August 17th, the "Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?" event goes live!

However, players need to keep in mind that Fate/Grand Order NA is following the original JP timeline. This event happened in Japan just under two years ago! Information is subject to change in the NA Event, but we have comprehensive information of what to expect! Information courtesy of Cirnopedia.

  • An all-new Archer-class servant, Orion, featured in the promotional art above!
  • Increased Gacha rates on Orion, Marie Antoinette, Stheno, Ushiwakamaru, and Jing Ke.
  • Increased drop rates on Bathing Moon Goddess, Moony Jewel, and Mooncell Automaton Craft Essences

On top of that, Players can trade in their Moon Dangos (which have been re-named to dumplings in the North American version, it seems), for EXP cards, Ascension monuments to the Archer, Rider, and Assassin classes, and Craft Essences!

The event will run from 08-17-2017, 0400 UTC, until 08-24-2017 0359 UTC, exactly one week! On top of that, a Facebook Campaign is running (whose goal has already been completed), that will reward all players with three Saint Quartz! Be sure to stockpile those Ascension pieces during the course of the event!

I might finally be able to 4th-stage Jeanne d'Arc....