Fate/Grand Order NA Announces 50% Off Free Quest AP Costs, Fuyuki Summon Rate Up Events!

Players have been teased in Fate/Grand Order NA. No, not by promises of high-level servants. Not by promises of their favorite waifus. No - by the promise of Okeanos. The Third Singularity, and the fourth part of the Fate/Grand Order story - if you count the Prologue as the first part. Which, considering it's mandatory, it might as well be!

A pretty strong indicator that Okeanos is coming sometime during September 22nd is the fact that we have a double whammy of two events coming up! First off is the "Free Quest AP Cost 1/2 Campaign!"

During this period, all Free Quests - quests available after you clear the story quest in a particular area - will have their costs slashed by 50%. There is a reason to do Free Quests - the first time you clear them, they give valuable Saint Quartz, which is used to get high-level Servants! If Okeanos is approaching, you'd definitely want to clear out the old Free Quests you may have previously ignored. On top of that....

Unless you really want one of these Servants, ignore this completely.

The Fuyuki Summon Campaign comes to Fate/Grand Order, and it is bad. You may want Heracles, or Cu Chulainn, or Artoria (I refuse to call her Altria. What an abomination of a translation), but please understand - with the launch of Okeanos comes the Okeanos Summon Campaign. Do not use your Saint Quartz so blindly - you can only get so much of it, and I highly suggest you save it for a Summon Campaign that involves a servant you would actually like. But that being said - if you really want one of these servants, don't let me stop you.

  • Artoria Pendragon, 5★
  • Emiya, 4★
  • Heracles, 4★
  • Cu Chulainn, 3★
  • Medusa, 3★
  • Medea, 3★

You can also check out the Japanese TV Trailer for Okeanos down below!