Final Fantasy XIV Announces Valentione's Day 2018, Teases Event-Exclusive Location

It isn't uncommon for Final Fantasy XIV to include special locations for their events. Take the two recent Halloween ahem, All Saint's Wake events. Both times, players were given access to a special, non-combat version of Haukke Manor, and were told to solve dastardly puzzles to make their way out.

Now, Valentione's Day comes to Eorzea. Running from February 2nd, 12:00 AM PST (3:00 AM EST), until February 15th, 6:59 AM PST, players will "put the strength of their bond to the test, in the Valentione's Ceremony, kupo!" I can hardly think of what that means, but it's quite likely it will be a reference to Eorzea's Ceremony of Eternal Bond, kupo.

There are special event items to get, as seen above, but the most interesting piece of information comes from the Developer's Blog, aptly titled "Love is in the Aether." What appears to be most interesting, a special, event-only location for players to access, during the course of the event...

...Did someone call for /gpose? Valentione's Day goes live in just a few hours! Or, depending on when you read this article - it could potentially already be live!