Final Fantasy XIV Furniture Design Contest Winners Announced!

For those of you who have been out of the loop recently, or perhaps don't particularly browse the Lodestone, which is FFXIV's hub for all things...well, FFXIV, the game recently held a massive Furnishing Design Contest! Thousands of players racked their brains for creative juice, and now, 100 lucky entrants have been chosen!

Design by Aryalaenkha

The winners of this contest will receive a grand total of six in-game prizes - the Gaelicap, Noble Barding, Mandragora Choker, Ahriman Choker, Bluebird Earring, and the Scarf of Wondrous Wit. However, just because an entry was chosen to win, it does not mean it is guaranteed to be put into the game.

  •  If Square Enix determines that a particular entry is especially excellent, Square Enix may decide to implement the design into the game. Such implementation is not guaranteed and is not a part of the contest prize.
  • Square Enix may decide to implement entries that were not selected as a winner as well.
  • In such cases, the development team may make adjustments to the design, name, or features of the item.

It's unfortunate that not all of these designs will make it into Final Fantasy XIV, but to implement all 100 player-made designs will indeed take quite a bit of work to model, render, and code into the game. Good luck to all of those who won - may your entry be picked by Square Enix and make it into the game!