Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter Announced; News Roundup

It has been one week since Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 4.2 came out, Rise of a New Sun, and already, Square Enix has announced a new Live Letter! Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLII is due to go live Saturday, February 10th, at 1:30 AM PST (4:30 AM EST), with a simulcast on Twitch, Youtube, and Niconico.

The Live Letter topics will feature details about The Forbidden Land, Eureka, which is scheduled to come out with Patch 4.25, as well as a Patch 4.2 Q&A, and Masayoshi Soken, the Sound Direction of FFXIV.

Players can ask questions here, provided they are able to post questions on the official FFXIV forums in the first place. Additionally, there are other, interesting pieces of news.

A Dev Blog has been posted, featuring a massive Nidhogg ice sculpture, made during the 69th Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, and there is currently a writing contest going on! Players are invited to write a letter of love to their favorite FFXIV NPC, with in-game rewards for the winners!

Last but not least, Duty Commenced, Episode 20, is planned to air on February 9th, at 3:00 PM PST (6:00 PM EST). Tune in for a special chance to win one of five TAITO Khloe Aliapoh figures!