Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 4.15 Is Live With New PvP

Final Fantasy XIV's most recent patch, Patch 4.15, went live earlier today. Though there were no serious battle changes, this patch brings with it some PvP balance changes, the new PvP mode, Rival Wings, and Bards can now Perform.

We've gone in-depth with Rival Wings a few times already, but for those who may need a refresher, Rival Wings is the new MOBA-like game mode, featuring mechs and players dueling it out, with the goal being to destroy the enemy's core.

There are also some noteworthy bug fixes that should be mentioned.

  • Spamming Engage will no longer reset Squadron cooldowns
  • Using certain commands in the Shirogane area without the Stormblood expansion installed will no longer cause the client to crash
  • Player's client-side information will no longer randomly be reset to default (Such as UI)
  • Monk's Riddle of Earth effect, Earth's Reply, was extending Greased Lightning duration to maximum. This was unintended, and has been fixed.

Oh, and one more thing. Gilgamesh, Tonberry, and Carbuncle are no longer congested worlds. Go and play with your friends on those servers!