For Honor Player Wins $10K Through Exploit Abuse

Last weekend, Ubisoft hosted a tournament for its medieval brawler For Honor, with a prizepool of $10,000 USD for the final victor. The one lucky player who took home the prize however, managed to cheese his merry way to victory by abusing the "unlock tech" exploit in the game, a bug which renders the player's attacks unblockable by opponents.

"I didn't think it'd be this easy," said Jakub 'SB.Alernakin' Palen after he claimed his $10,000 prize. "Before the tournament, I hadn’t played the game for two weeks."

What should have been a glorious triumph of simulated battle and bloodlust, was instead quickly turned into a tide of salty tears by players bemoaning the absurdity of the situation.

The exploit in question, known as the "unlock tech" exploit, takes advantage of For Honor's less than stellar single target system. When a player unlocks from a single target mid-swing, the bug causes certain attacks to be unblockable by the opponent.

While this exploit had been known by players and devs for at least a month prior, the issue had not been addressed in the most recent patch fix before the tournament. To make matters worse, other glitches and exploits were also reported during the tournament, the impact of which was felt in certain match results.

Fans were understandably not happy with the whole situation. Having launched in February of this year, For Honor has been officially released for six months and the game is still in a state of being "literally unplayable".

Numbers for For Honor have been rapidly dropping since its release on Steam, having fallen from 20,000 players at launch to 1,500 players at its lowest. With its poor game balance, terrible matchmaking, and an overall buggy experience, Ubisoft's recent tournament was just the cherry on top of a whole list of reasons not to play this game.

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