Fractured Online Works To Squash Bugs And Performs Minor Server Rollback

fractured online pvp sandbox mmorpg council banner

In the week since Fractured Online returned to Steam Early Access, developer Dynamight Studios has been busy fixing a whole host of unforeseen issues in the launch build. So far, the team has rolled out one post launch patch that addressed a wide range of bugs and implemented a handful of player-requested changes.

On top of the list of player requests is stopping attacks from cancelling spells while players are casting them, which the studio was more than happy to grant. Players have also been granted protection from monsters and now have access to a crafting station when they enter owned land.

The team was also forced to restart the human continent of Aerhen this past weekend after backend processes that controlled the realm lost connection. The emergency restart resulted in a rollback of roughly 10 minutes, although it doesn’t seem like players were affected too much by the loss of progress.

Meanwhile, the self-described dynamic sandbox MMORPG has received “Mixed” reviews on Steam following its return. Player reviews on Reddit paint a similar picture as some players offer praise while others express discontent.

Fractured Online is currently on sale at 20% off if you want to check it out for yourself. You better act fast though as the promotion is set to end in a few short hours.