With G-Star 2017 Coming Up, Nexon Prepares to Showcase Nine Games

G-Star 2017 is coming up, running from November 16th, until November 19th. Hosted in Busan, Korea, G-Star will be a massive gaming convention, and many gaming companies will be there, showcasing their products.

Nexon is no exception, as the gaming giant is massively popular in Korea. Five games for the PC will be showcased, such as FIFA Online 4, Need for Speed Edge, Battlerite, and Titanfall Online. Tencent's MMO, Moonlight Blade, will also be making an appearance.

Following Mobile Gaming's meteoric rise as of late, there will be mobile games showcased as well. Overhit, Durango: Wild Lands, MapleStory Blitz, and a personal interest of mine, Mabinogi Mobile, will all be showcased at G-Star 2017.

Check out the promotional trailer for the gaming convention out down below. We'll have more news for you, out of Korea, as we get it.