Gaijin Entertainment’s World War II Online Shooter ‘Enlisted’ Launches Into Open Beta

enlisted allied squad tank bannerWorld of Tank’s Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software has just announced the open beta launch of their new multiplayer online shooter, Enlisted.

“Enlisted is a World War II shooter that carefully recreates the atmosphere of massive infantry battles with tank and aircraft support. The game developers have shown a lot of attention to authenticity in the weapons and gear, as well as their historical availability. For example, a Tiger tank in the Battle of Moscow campaign will not be seen, because at that time in 1941, it wasn’t in service with the German army yet. At the same time Enlisted is easier to get into than most simulation-type games. A player can jump into the middle of the action fast and spends most of the time actually fighting.”

In Enlisted, players control a squad of up to nine soldiers, directly controlling one member of the squad while the others follow orders and are controlled by AI. Players have the ability to switch between and control each of the squad members allowing them to quickly react to combat situations. They can switch to a tank crew, for example, to take out enemy armored vehicles or to an aircraft pilot to provide air support. When a player dies, he immediately assumes control of one of the surviving members of the squad.

“Thanks to this, it’s possible to try various distinctive roles during one battle, like leading the charge in a tank, providing support as a mortar squad or a battlefield engineer constructing gun positions, cleansing buildings with flamethrowers or raining fire down from above in a dive bomber,” said the team in the official press release.

The game also features both free and premium battle pass reward tracks. Rewards include rare weapons such as the Gewehr 1888 and Berdan No.2 bolt-action rifles, Schmeisser MK36 III SMG, and the iconic Springfield M1903 semi-automatic carbine with the Pedersen Device attachment.

Check out the action-packed

beta trailer below.

Open Beta Trailer / Enlisted