Guild Wars 2 Releases Trailer for Living World Season 4, Daybreak

guild wars 2 black and white group

Guild Wars 2 is one week out from Living World, Season 4! On November 28th, Season 4 will debut the first episode, known as "Daybreak."

Daybreak will include a raid wing, and a new fractal for players to enjoy. Though the official GW2 website is more or less void of all information, especially being just a short week from launch, we nonetheless have a trailer for Episode 1 to hype us up, and get ready for the new content coming with Season 4 of Living World.

This content will be available to all players who own Path of Fire. Check out the trailer down below - it's rather appealing, both visually, and with the promise of what it holds in the future for Guild Wars 2.

  • Ravors Malody

    stopped caring about this game. in terms of MMORPG it fits the bill.

    sadly people are shit and the majority of new player i.e.millennials are garbage people. No values. Unless you play with a friend, the entire MMORPG genre is crap not just GW2.

    In GW2. there is no solo content. you can try to solo but it will be difficult. This game has an achievement system and unless you started when the game was in beta you will never catch up in Achievement points. this game is a huge time waster and thats all. high end content is NOT possible in looking for group. People are bad and unskilled. I really don't have anything positive to say. Literally every player has an e-penis complex.

    • Zariarn solo content? What game are you playing? HAHA! I leveled straight to 80 and did season one solo. Other than raid content, most of this game is solo-able. The great thing about GW2 is that you can do both. The game is fun solo and with groups.

      I guess we're playing on different servers but I don't see the problems you're expressing about the community. It seems fine to me.