City State Entertainment’s Mark Jacobs Apologizes For Last Friday’s Controversial Colossus Reveal


Last week, City State Entertainment co-founder Mark Jacobs broke the news that they were working on a tower defense-like game alongside the already delayed Camelot Unchained MMORPG. The new game, called Colossus (Final Stand: Ragnarok) runs on the same in-house engine as Camelot Unchained and will even launch before the MMORPG. As you can probably imagine, Camelot Unchained’s Kickstarter backers [...]

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Activision Blizzard Revenues Are Down Once Again For Q4 2019

activision blizzard logo 2015

The last quarter of 2019 was an absolute PR nightmare for Activision Blizzard. The company was boycotted for banning a pro-Hong Kong Hearthstone player and was criticized for an utterly disappointing BlizzCon presentation. The question is, would these have a significant effect on the company’s Q4 2019 revenues? Apparently not. Acti-Blizz’s revenues are down by 16.7% compared to Q4 2018 [...]

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Dauntless Developer Phoenix Labs Acquired by Garena For $150M

dauntless high skies fortune glory pirates

Garena, the Southeast Asian tech company, announced today that they purchased Phoenix Labs, the Canadian developer behind Dauntless. No purchase price was disclosed, however according to The Straits Times, the purchase price was ~$150M USD. Nothing is expected to change for Dauntless right now, but the official announcement did include this sentence "Both parties will build on Phoenix Labs’ world-class [...]

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Daybreak Games Establishes Three New Mini Studios As Part Of Their ‘Franchise First’ Initiative

daybreak games new franchise units logos

Daybreak Games is planning to divide and conquer their current and future projects with their new “Franchise First” initiative. As part of the initiative, Daybreak has established three new “franchise business units” a.k.a. mini-studios: Darkpaw Games, Rogue Planet Games, and Dimensional Ink Games. “Building on the success of the teams that introduced genre-defining games and franchises including DC Universe Online, [...]

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California State Agencies File Objections To Riot Games’ $10M Sexual Harassment Settlement

riot games new logo red bg banner

Last year Riot Games was slapped with a sexual discrimination class-action suit following Kotaku’s exposé of the prevailing “bro culture” in the studio. Riot Games agreed to a $10 million settlement in August 2019, the details of which were released in December later that year and is now awaiting approval by the court. Apparently, the drama doesn’t end there. According [...]

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Tencent Acquiring Funcom, Makers of Conan Exiles and Anarchy Online, for $148M

tencent funcom logo white bg banner

Tencent is at it again. They're expanding their vast gaming empires with yet another acquisition. This time around they're purchasing Funcom, the Norweigan game developer best known for Conan Exiles and Anarchy Online, for $148M. While the deal was just announced and hasn't closed yet, Funcom's board of directors unanimously approved the detail and encouraged shareholders to vote in favor [...]

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Lord Of The Rings Online Players Gather To Pay Tribute To Christopher Tolkien Who Passed Away At Age 95

lord of the rings online christopher tolkien banner

Christopher Tolkien, the son of J.R.R. Tolkien, has passed away at the age of 95. Fireworks lit up Middle-Earth’s night sky last night as Lord of the Rings Online players flew kites to pay tribute to J.R.R.’s son and the guardian of his works. “I’ve just recently heard that Christopher Tolkien has died,” tweeted Corey Olsen, a.k.a. the Tolkien Professor. [...]

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ArcheAge Players Awarded With $420K As Settlement For Four-Year Consumer Class-Action Lawsuit

archeage pool

Back in 2015, three ArcheAge players filed a class-action lawsuit against Trion Worlds for allegedly violating California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition Law, and False Advertising Law when the company failed to provide the advertised 10% cash shop discount to founders pack owners. The suit also claims that the company also violated California’s illegal lottery law when it sold [...]

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