Square Enix Revenues Drop Over The Past Year As The Studio Dives Deeper Into Blockchain

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Square Enix has released its 2022-2023 fiscal year report and the results aren’t great for the company’s primary gaming divisions. With total net revenues down by 6%, profit dipping by 3%, and a 13% drop in overall digital entertainment revenue, the report points out that disappointing sales of new HD games, underperformance of new mobile games, and the lack of [...]

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Worlds Adrift’s Bossa Studios Shifts Focus To Co-op And Multiplayer PvE Games

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Bossa Studios is back in the game after an extremely rough patch in its history following the release of th its ill-fated flagship game, Worlds Adrift. The once-promising sky piracy sandbox MMO quickly turned into a toxic community of griefers which was later compounded by issues between SpatialOS developer Improbable and Unity, ultimately leading to the game’s shut down in [...]

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The European Union Is Reportedly Giving The Microsoft-ABK Merger The Green Light

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Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard have been in talks for months about a multi-billion-dollar acquisition, but their plans were halted when the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority slammed the brakes on the deal in the region. Many speculated that the EU might follow suit, but Reuters’ sources say that won’t be the case, and the merger could be approved as early as [...]

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MGI’s 2022 Financial Report Reveals Company’s Shift Away From MMOs

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Media and Games Invest, the parent company of Gamigo and KingsIsle, has posted its 2022 financial report that shows a shift away from premium MMO games and toward digital advertising. The report revealed that MGI is pivoting its strategy to focus on mobile and casual games, which offer better opportunities for in-game advertising and more significant growth potential than desktop-based [...]

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EA And Ubisoft Vets Found Moon Rover Games, Teases ‘Ambitious Co-op Action Game’

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Another indie video game development studio has emerged from the woodwork from developers with an impressive pedigree. Introducing Moon Rover Games, a Stockholm-based studio founded by Electronic Arts and Ubisoft veterans. Their mission? To create immersive cooperative games set in richly emergent worlds that encourage players to share their own unique gameplay moments and stories. With a team of lead [...]

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