Jagex Will Be Shutting Down RuneScape’s Official Forums And Moving To Discord

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RuneScape will soon be joining the growing list of MMOs who’ve abandoned traditional forums in favor of Discord. Jagex announced last week that it will be moving all communication to the messaging app and will permanently be retiring the forums on March 28.

The game’s official forums have served as a vital space for discussions and social interactions between the classic MMORPG’s developers and players for the past 23 years outside of logging into the game itself. The advent of Discord and other social platforms like Reddit and Twitter, however, eventually led to a decline in forum activity.

Jagex also cited Discord’s advanced features as the reason for the switch, not to mention the time they’ll save by focusing on just one communication channel instead of four.

The official forums will transition to a read-only state on January 25 in preparation for its closure. The studio is now urging players to join the RuneScape Discord and to grab everything they need from the forums, such as useful posts and friend handles, before it shuts down for good.