Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Relaunching As "Kingdom Hearts Union χ" Next Month

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ launched on mobile about a year ago as a spin-off that helps to bridge the gap between Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III and covers some of "the earliest parts of the series' epic history" along the way. The game lets players create their own Keyblade-wielding character and set out on a journey to fight the Heartless.

Square Enix announced today that the game will be receiving its first major update sometime next month. As part of the update, the game will be "relaunching" as "Kingdom Hearts Union χ."

The reason for the name change is that the update will include a new multiplayer mode called "Union Cross." Union Cross mode will allow players to create a team of up to six players or use "a matchmaking feature" to join a party with other players. They will then be required to "fight hordes of Heartless enemies and powerful bosses." They can also "take on quests of increasing difficulty," but they are not required to. To help players communicate with each other while playing Union Cross mode, the game will be getting emotes and text bubbles.

The update will also include a "Theater Mode" that will "allow players to relive the drama and rewatch cutscenes" from the main story mode, as well as new story content with "both familiar and new faces" and new character customization options.

Those that are interested can pre-register for the update here. Those who pre-register will get "exclusive smartphone wallpapers and in-game rewards."

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Teaser



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