Kritika Online Relaunches as Kritika: REBOOT Globally on Steam, Available Now

kritika reboot keyart banner

Remember Kritika Online? It was an anime action MMORPG with instanced dungeons and persistent hubs that was available through En Masse. The game originally launched in the west in 2017 and shut down in April of this year. While the game was never too popular in the West, it relaunched as 'Kritika: REBOOT' through its Korean developer Allm Co and is available globally through Steam as of Nov 11, 2019. The game launched with a total of 7 playable classes including 2 new sub classes, the Halo Mage and Steamwalker, which were never available in the previous Western version. Besides the new classes, this new version also has an unlimited stamina system.

Kritika Online Dawn of Awakenings - Official Update Trailer

According to the game's developer, Kritika has reached '20 million players world-wide' since it launched back in 2013. The Western version through En Masse was never too popular though and only averaged a few hundred or so players online at any given time. Hopefully this new version, straight from the developer, will perform better.

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