Kritika Online Is Coming Back As A Play-To-Earn Blockchain Game Called Kritika Global

kritika online mmo brawler western version key art

Anime brawler Kritika Online is once again being resurrected by its original developer, ALLM, as Kritika Global, in partnership with COM2US. This time around, it’s going to return back as a blockchain game with play-to-earn mechanics and so-called Tokenomics.

“This project by Kritika Global provides Play-To-Earn environment where a player can earn on the basis of well-proven gameplay since 2013 as well as of C2X platform. Diamond, Quartz, and other currencies, gained from the game mostly, are tradable between players. Player can exchange Diamond for C2X and Quartz for KRX at the C2X station.”

“In the early stages, online RPG enabled a large volume of multiple-user-based transactions in their economies. However, in reality, the players are little allowed to buy or sell in those online RPGs even though the values they earned are the result of spending their time and money, because of the supervision reason of the gaming firm,” said ALLM.

“Kritika Global has been designed not only to help players break free from such situation by allowing them to gain rewards for their hard work, but also to freely purchase items with the currencies they earned maintaining their asset values,” they added.

Kritka Global is scheduled to launch on June 8th minus the NFT features which will be added sometime in Q2 2022 with several major updates planned in between. In the meantime, you can check out the official whitepaper on the ALLM official site for details on the team’s 2022 development roadmap and more information on the game’s blockchain mechanics.

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