Lineage 2 Reveals Eyebrow-Raising Cash Shop Gear

Much to the indignation of it's players, as seen on the announcement thread, Lineage 2 's new cash shop items have caused a surge of displeasure throughout the community.

These new items, dubbed "Circlets of Power", are Best in Slot items...but in the cash shop. Sounds pretty Pay-to-Win, and that's exactly how the players are reacting to this recent announcement. But the trouble with this doesn't end there, as the item isn't exactly Best in Slot until it's upgraded fully. The worst part? The item needed to upgrade it is also located in the cash shop. 

These items require lots of work to obtain their highest level, enchanting it over and over, each enchantment costing players one "Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll", the fore-mentioned upgrade item that is being listed as "available for a limited time". The enchantment process must be done from +0 to +5, thrice over, and the first five attempts to enchant have a chance to fail, resetting your progress. You can find the entire process here.