Mobile Fantasy MMORPG RebirthM Launches Globally On iOS And Android

rebirthm logo mainRebirthM, a new free-to-play mobile fantasy MMO from Korean developer Caret Games is now live globally on Android and iOS. The game was first announced in September 2017 followed by a Brazilian launch on October 18th, 2018. The highly-awaited mobile MMORPG features an engaging storyline, epic PvE and PvP battles, and an in-depth character system.

“Running on the Unity 3D engine, RebirthM features a vast open world full of quests, places, and characters that mirrors the dimensions of a full-scale PC MMORPG. Experience a new kind of 3D mobile action gameplay that comes with incredible graphics and dynamic 3D camera views for full immersion. Follow an engaging storyline while traveling across the divided plains of Arcroth, using the smooth and intuitive touch controls of RebirthM to experience the full depth of this action-packed fantasy MMORPG.”

Caret Games is made up of developers from top Korean studios including NCSoft, Neowiz, Nexon, and more. The studio was able to raise $28 million from Softbank Ventures and SL Investment early last year. Caret Games also launched a short-lived Kickstarter campaign which ran from December last year up until a few days ago.

Check out the trio of videos below for a glimpse of what RebirthM has to offer.

[REBIRTHM] The most competitive 1:1 battle

[리버스M] 시네마틱 트레일러