Mobile Gaming is Huge: Fate/Grand Order Made $3B Since 2015. Entire Metal Gear Franchise made $2.5B Since 1987

Sensortower reported earlier this month that lifetime sales of Fate/Grand Order since its 2015 launch topped $3B globally, with the vast majority of that coming from Japan (82%). While this figure is impressive it does require some context to fully understand. The Metal Gear franchise since its release in 1987 sold ~49.2 million units worldwide. At an average selling price [...]

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Tencent Reports that PUBG Mobile is the Most Popular Game in the World (ex-China)

pubg mobile logo

Tencent, the Chinese gaming giant that owns League of Legends, Arena of Valor, and Fortnite reported their Q4 2018 earnings report today and besides reporting huge revenues and profits the company said that PUBG Mobile was the most popular game in the world (excluding China). This is interesting because Tencent owns League of Legends and Fortnite and still said PUBG [...]

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Villains Are Making A Comeback In Hearthstone With The Rise Of Shadows Expansion

hearthstone villains meet

If you only knew the power of the dark side… of Hearthstone. Well, you’ll get to experience evil at its villainiest when the Rise of the Shadows expansion comes out on April 9th. The expansion features 135 new cards, new Arena rotations, and devious new mechanics. It’ll also kick off Hearthstone’s first ever year-long storyline. “After suffering defeat at the [...]

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Enjoy Exclusive Resident Evil 2 Goodies In The PUBG Mobile X Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event

pubg mobile resident evil 2 crossover

Capcom, PUBG Corporation, and Tencent Games have teamed up to bring the legendary survival horror game Resident Evil 2 to PUBG Mobile. The crossover event brings with it a special game mode and Resident Evil 2-themed cosmetics featuring characters from the classic game. In the new Surive till Dawn game mode, players take on hordes of hungry undead in Erangel. [...]

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