Watch The First Pre-Alpha Footage Of Upcoming Mobile MMORPG Warhammer Odyssey

warhammer odyssey marienburg concept art banner

The first teaser trailer featuring actual gameplay footage of Warhammer Odyssey has just been released. In the new trailer, Games Workshop and Virtual Realms gives fans a quick pre-alpha tour of the various Old World locales they’ll be visiting when the mobile MMORPG comes out next year. “Morrslieb the Chaos Moon grows large in the skies above the Old World, [...]

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Perfect World’s Mobile Sandbox ‘ReEvolve’ Is Back In Everyone’s Radar

reevolve blue hair banner

Back in E3 2018, Perfect World Entertainment unveiled a mobile fantasy MMORPG called ReEvolve that promises “an immersive, real-world environment, replete with a range of different ecosystems, a day and night cycle, changing weather, and realistic animal behaviors including food chains and migration.” There’s also PvE, PvP, crafting, player-housing, base-building, planting, breeding, and gathering. But, after the announcement, PWE ominously [...]

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Perfect World Mobile Has Officially Launched Into Open Beta In North America

After months and months of waiting, Perfect World Mobile is finally in open beta on iOS and Android. North American players can now journey to a magical realm inhabited by gods, immortals, demons, and other mythical creatures based on ancient XianXia Chinese folklore. "Perfect World has made its grand return! This new installment restores the beautiful scenery and rich class [...]

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Cancelled PC MMORPG Lime Odyssey Is Coming To Mobile In Partnership With ‘Well-Known’ Chinese Company

lime odyssey keyart banner

Lime Odyssey is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Ragnarok Online veterans that came out in Korea nearly a decade ago. Aeria Games was in the process of bringing the game to the Western market when the game got cancelled in 2014. In 2016, plans were made to bring the game to mobile which, unfortunately, didn’t work out. Now, the [...]

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Perfect World Mobile Unveils Its Race-Class Combinations Ahead Of Next Week’s Launch

perfect world mobile untamed barbarian

After being delayed for a year, Perfect World Mobile is just about ready for its Western release next week. In preparation for the launch, Perfect World Entertainment has just released the official lineup of playable races and the classes available to each race. The list of classes per race is disappointingly short though. According to MMOCulture, the upcoming mobile fantasy [...]

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