Naddic Games In Discussions To Bring Closers To North America


Just a few days after an English private server for Closers launched, Naddic Games, the studio behind the game, confirmed that they're working to get the game launched in North America and are concerned that the private server will negatively impact their official launch.

Naddic asked us to remove our news post about the private servers as they felt we were misleading people about the legitimacy of the server. To remedy this concern we went back and made it abundantly clear that the "CODE: Closers" server is a private server and has no affiliation with Naddic.

This certainly doesn't mean that Closers will be launching officially in the West anytime soon, but it does mean they're in the process of getting it licensed, which is great.

For those that haven't heard of Closers, it's basically an Elsword Online / Dungeon Fighter Online style action MMORPG with persistent hubs and instanced dungeons. See my first look to learn more:

  • hovsep56

    well it is naddic's fault for taking so long for na release

  • iUlquiorra KZ

    So with the news of this private server, they've decided to make a decision on actually furthering into bringing the game into our hands. Smh...
    it's been years, but good news is good news I suppose.

    • Richard Kembel

      Right? Sounds like they started talking about it just to get people to shut up about an Official NA server

      • Akemi Homura

        But that's actually a poor reasoning, when people been asking for news about it for years and there was even great interest too. But now that a private one finally released, it's like they felt like they just lost something they took for granted and now are trying to staunch that feeling of regret by saying, "Oh hey, we ARE in fact actually making one for you guys. So please don't be going to the private server one."

        But no offense and all.... It's too little, too fucking late for them... Especially when Soulworker being out much later and much more recently than them, and yet we already gotten word for an English release for that one. While Closers? How long has it been out for already? Oh right. 3 fucking years in Korea. And not a single word up until now...

  • Dog Person

    Wait...but it's not going to be releasing any time too soon? How much longer do we have to wait ;-;

  • Raytheon07

    Lmao them, they're taking aeons to launch an English one and now they're crying cuz some people who are passionate about the game have taken the initiave to meet the fans' demands?! Lmao men LMAO!!!

  • Eli Johnson

    Please be true...

  • Stal Dark


  • Akemi Homura

    "This certainly doesn't mean that Closers will be launching officially in the West anytime soon, but it does mean they're in the process of getting it licensed, which is great."

    Then that means they can play us around until it actually releases or not. There could still be a possibility that they couldn't secure a license or felt like that it's not worth their time to actually go through with releasing it here. Who knows? Maybe they actually will. But still, it's hard to apply to them the saying, "Better late than never"....

    Why couldn't you have at least reassured us that it was in the works way before, Naddic....? Feeling a little pressure all of a sudden, hmm?

  • Kami Hank

    this is good news finally hopefully it doesnt bs like Fighters Club :'(

  • Kuri

    Assuming Naddic is a horrible company, no thanks, I prefer to play on the private server.