New World: Aeternum Launches on October 15. It's an Update for New World and a Console Launch

New World: Aeternum launches on October 15th and marks the game's launch on PS5 and Xbox. Aeternum includes all content from the PC version of New World (base game + all past updates and expansions) as well as new content which will arrive on both PC and console. Aeternum will be available for $59.99 for the base version and $79.99 for the deluxe version which includes a bear mount.

New World: Aeternum - Announce Trailer

This new console version is launching with feature-parity with the PC version and supports cross-play. It's been designed from the get-go with console controls in mind, so it should run smoothly.

New World: Aeternum introduces the following new features:

  • New World’s first-ever large-scale player vs. player zone
  • A challenging 10-player raid
  • End-game solo trials
  • An upgraded leveling experience
  • new character archetypes
  • a revamped dialogue system, and much more.

While New World: Aeternum introduces new features for the existing PC version of the game, players have voiced concern regarding the update as it looks pretty light in terms of new content. The comments on the announcement trailer on Youtube are not flattering.

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