New World Unveils Its First Expansion ‘Rise Of The Angry Earth’ Arriving In October

new world adiana angry earth

Amazon Game Studio has finally taken the wraps off the New World’s first expansion called Rise of the Angry Earth. As the title suggests, the expansion will revolve around Adiana, a.k.a. the Mistress of the Wild and her army of Angry Earth minions. Adiana used to be a questgiver NPC who’s sympathetic to your cause before she had a change of heart and decided to eradicate all humans instead.

With the launch of Rise of the Angry Earth, the former starting zone of First Light will be transformed into the Elysian Wilds, a new zone that has been overrun by Adiana’s army. The new zone will feature new quests and enemy types that will help players reach the new level cap of 65 while advancing the main storyline.

Understandably, the developers are close-mouthed about what’s going to happen. Some parts of the expansion won’t even make it to the public test server so as not to spoil the story. The Elysian Wilds will also come with a new dungeon called the Savage Divide where players will go up against a group of animal-like bosses called the Beast Lords.

In addition to the new zone, another highlight feature of the expansion is the long-awaited addition of mounts. Why adventurers in Aeternum didn’t have mounts will also be explained in the expansion lore. Again, the developers didn’t want to reveal too much but they did say that it had something to do with the Beast Lords.

The mount system will be a bit more complex than those in other MMORPG’s. Mounts will move faster when running on roads and sprint for a limited-time depending on their stamina. Players will also be able to level up their mounts to improve their capabilities either by participating in races or by feeding them treats.

Mounts will initially be available in three types: Horses, Dire Wolves, and Cats. Amazon notes that these mount types are purely aesthetic so as to avoid “meta” choices. Players will also have access to a variety of cosmetic skins, gear, and dyes that they can use to further customize their mounts.

Rise of The Angry Earth will also add the flail weapon type, one-handed melee weapon that are dependent on Strength and Focus stats. Flails are a good weapon choice for support roles like off-tanks and off-healers. It’s also the first weapon in the game with abilities that deal arcane damage.

But wait, there’s more! The upcoming expansion will also introduce various endgame changes, a new gear rarity tier, crafting plans, and a whole lot more.

Rise of the Angry Earth will be launching on October 3rd with a $29.99 price tag. You can read more about the expansion on the New World official site. You’ll also find the official announcement trailer waiting for you down below.

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth - Announcement Trailer