Nexon KR Announces new Mobile game OVERHIT from NAT Games

Just about everyone who follows F2P MMOs knows of the company Nexon. They published Heroes of Incredible Tales, better known as HIT, developed by NAT Games. A fairly popular mobile game, HIT is estimated to earn Nexon about $12,575 in daily revenue, courtesy of Thinkgaming.

It comes as little surprise that Nexon has once again contracted studio NAT Games to create a second mobile game, known as OVERHIT. The trailer recently launched in Korea, and it runs on Unreal Engine 4. While HIT was known for being an action game, OVERHIT is turn-based, and for a mobile game, it looks stunning. It's hard to believe that phones can run games with graphics that well, yet here we are. Check out the trailer down below! Based on earlier news, OVERHIT is expected to launch sometime in 2019.