Tencent Is Shutting Down Monster Hunter Online

Long before Monster Hunter World, Tencent and Capcom partnered up to produce the China-only MMORPG Monster Hunter Online. Now that experiment is coming to an end. Built on the CryEngine, Monster Hunter Online first released into open beta in 2015. The game was poorly supported and the launcher required to play the game came loaded with Chinese malware. Despite these [...]

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Blade and Soul Revolution Launches in South Korea, Catapults to #1 Spot As Highest Grossing Mobile Games

The mobile Blade and Soul spin-off Blade and Soul Revolution launched in South Korea earlier this week and quickly took the #1 spot as the highest grossing mobile game on iOS. Netmarble, the game's developer, had to expand server capacity 4 times already to accommodate the millions of users rushing to try the game. Unlike most mobile spin-offs, Blade and [...]

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Steam Benefits From China's Video Gaming Crackdown

Valve's Steam platform has emerged as an unexpected beneficiary of China's sweeping video game approval freeze. While Steam was never officially approved in China, it hasn't been officially censored either. The gray space the platform occupies has made it an attractive refuge for both Chinese gamers and developers who have grown frustrated with the ongoing game approval freeze which domestic [...]

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