Old School RuneScape Celebrates Its 4th Birthday With A Party


Party Pete always throws the best bashes and he's celebrating the 4th birthday of Old School RuneScape. Better hand over your keys, ol' Petey needs your help. Players can head to the Falador party room and ask Pete what he needs to get the dance floor grooving.

Helping out Party Pete will grant all the rewards from previous birthday bonanzas: the Cow outfit, War ship, and Gnome child hat. But wait, there's more! You'll receive two brand new festive gifts: balloons and a 4th year birthday hat. This party is getting wild.

Not everything is celebratory this 4th birthday. Getting old means making changes. Jagex is adding 12 new worlds, because "There are now more Old School players than ever before." And don't fret Australians, Jagex still plans to release servers in your area, but the timeframe is unknown. There also a number of minor quality of life improvements and bug fixes along with the celebration, detailed in the blog post announcement from Jagex.

Happy Birthday Old School RuneScape. Keep it classy.