MapleStory 2's Skybound Expansion Now Live

The previously announced expansion for MapleStory 2, titled Skybound, is officially live. It introduces a whole host of new content to the game but the most important is the new Soul Binder class (a hybrid mage and healer type class), the new Sky Fortress zone, new Normal Chaos Raids, and the new 1v1 Maple PvP Arena. The game’s new Soul [...]

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Kakao Secures Global Publishing Rights For Tera Frontier (Mobile MMORPG)

Kakao Games announced earlier this week that they received the global publishing rights for Tera Frontier, a new mobile MMORPG based on the PC MMORPG from Bluehole. It's worth mentioning though that Tera Frontier isn't being developed by Bluehole directly and instead if being developed by Red Sahara Studio, which is actually a subsidiary of Bluehole. Kakao will publish Tera [...]

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