Multiplayer Puzzle Game ‘Islands Of Insight’ Releases A Playable Demo On Steam

islands of insight key art banner

Islands of Insight is an upcoming shared-world adventure game where players will work together to solve a variety of puzzles as they explore floating islands and unravel the mysteries of the fantasy world. The puzzles will range from logic problems to perspective riddles, mazes, platforming challenges, and more. “Each [puzzle] is carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted to be relaxing, challenging, [...]

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Aika Online Relaunches Globally On December 5, Pre-Register For Free Premium Perks

aika online key art

Aika Online will be coming back to life in a few short days through the efforts of HanbitSoft and CBM Interactive. The 14-year-old MMORPG is officially relaunching on December 5th with an opening event and pre-registration rewards to mark the occasion. Pre-registration is still open for those who want to score a free one-month premium package which includes membership perks, [...]

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Endnight Games Announces Sons Of The Forest Full Version Launch In February 2024

sons of the forest key art banner

Survival horror game Sons of the Forest will be moving out of early access and making the leap to full release on February 22nd, just two days before it celebrates its 1st anniversary. The full release version will include updated story content as well as several new quality-of-life improvements and gameplay adjustments based on feedback gathered during its year-long stint [...]

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