Multiplayer Sci-fi Sandbox Starship Simulator Has Raised Over $386K On Kickstarter

starship simulator sun approach banner

Starship Simulator is a new indie multiplayer sci-fi sandbox game that might just bring home the trophy as the biggest Kickstarted MMO of the year. It’s now raised $386,097 with over 4,200 backers chipping in to help fund developer Fleetyard Studios’ initial $82,000 funding goal and then some. There’s still 10 days left in the crowdfunding campaign so that number [...]

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Wayfinder Temporarily Pulled From Storefronts As Transfer From Digital Extremes Begins

wayfinders multiplayer arpg giant purple scythe

It’s been four months since Airship Syndicated announced that it had broken ties with Digital Extremes and will be self-publishing Wayfinder instead. The transfer process, however, has been tied up in red tape, resulting in updates that have been few and far between. The wait is almost over though as both parties have finally come to an equitable agreement and [...]

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Indie MMORPG EverCraft Online Promises A Voxel-Based Classic MMORPG Experience

evercraft online castly armory banner

EverCraft Online is an upcoming 3D voxel MMORPG that harkens back to the roots of the genre. The game is being developed by American indie studio Hidden Tree Entertainment (stylized as h1ddentree), featuring Minecraft-like visuals with an overarching storyline that revolves around harnessing the power of the old gods before evil forces do. “Getting back to the classic roots of [...]

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Star Citizen Brings Back The Jumptown Wars As A Team-Based Extraction Mission

star citizen jumptown mission firefight banner

Star Citizen has caught the extraction shooter bug as it rolls out a limited-time mission based on the player-initiated Jumptown wars of Alpha 3.16. The update introduced a hidden drug lab that drew players in from across the galaxy for some unsanctioned mayhem. “This clash resulted in a perpetual tug-of-war between far-flung factions and home-grown heroes over control of the [...]

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Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary In-Game And In The Real World

elder scrolls online 10th anniversary banner

Elder Scrolls Online is turning 10 years old this month and ZeniMax Online Studios is celebrating the milestone with both in-game and real-world events. The ESO dev team is currently hosting a two-day event in Amsterdam with roundtables, dev panels, ESO-inspired activities like cosplay contests, and plenty of giveaways. The in-game anniversary event is also well underway with various improvements [...]

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