Fortnite Update Introduces Fire & Forget Bottle Rockets, Working Campfire Props, & A New Hero

fortnite bottle rocket

The newest weapon to be introduced into the Fortnite Battle Royale arsenal will allow you to rain a barrage of missiles down on your enemies while leaving your character free to escape or perform your favorite emote. Say hello to fire and forget Bottle Rockets, now available in-game with Update v7.30. The update also features Environmental Campfires that you and [...]

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Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Celebration Event Kicks Off February 7th

elder scrolls online vivec city

We’ve probably got a few more weeks before the Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone DLC comes out. Meanwhile, the devs are sending players back to the Dark Elves’ domain, Vvardenfell, for the Morrowind Celebration Event which kicks off this Thursday, February 7th. Participating in the event also earns you Event Tickets to evolve your Indrik mount. “The Morrowind Celebration Event begins [...]

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EA’s New Battle Royale Shooter Apex Legends Racks Up 1 Million Players On Opening Day

apex legends roster art

If you’re a big fan of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall then you might want to check out the studio's brand new free-to-play battle royale shooter- Apex Legends. Apex Legends came out of nowhere with the game reveal and official PC and console launches all happening in one day. So why the secrecy? Lead Producer Drew McCoy explains in an interview with [...]

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The Division 2 Story & Endgame Content Revealed Ahead Of Private Beta Test

the division 2 union station

We’re just two days away from the first ever Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 private beta test and fans are soaking up every piece of info they can get on Ubisoft’s upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter. Fans have compiled information about the game’s story, campaign, and endgame content which they were kind enough to share on Reddit. The Division 2’s storyline picks [...]

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Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2019 Now In Full Swing, Get $5 Off On First $30 Purchase

steam lunar new year sale 2019 pigs

Ready your wallets because Valve has just kicked off their annual Lunar New Year sale with noteworthy MMOs such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online, Worlds Adrift, the recently-released Pantropy, and other popular games going for as much as 85% off. This year, Valve will also be giving an additional $5 discount for purchases over $30. That’s on [...]

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