Final Fantasy XIV Crosses Over With Final Fantasy XV; NA Data Center Split Maintenance Starts On April 22nd

final fantasy xiv regalia mount

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but more and more MMOs have started hosting crossover events over the past few months. The most recent one is Final Fantasy XIV crossing over with Final Fantasy XV in the “Nocturne For Heroes” event which runs from today until May 27th. During the event, FFXV protagonist Noctis will be appearing in Eorzea along [...]

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Enplex Talks About Population Zero Faction System In Their Latest Dev Blog

population zero faction banner

Faction systems are a great addition to any MMO, adding more depth and diversity to what would otherwise have been a linear game. Three-way factions, like the one in Population Zero, are even better since they introduce an unpredictable rock-paper-scissors dynamic where power and control can shift at any time. Enxplex Games gives fans an in-depth look at the upcoming [...]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Announces New Expansion "Onslaught" - Launching Sept 2019 Free for Subscribers

Bioware announced the latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic today titled "Onslaught" and its set to launch this September and will be free to play for all subscribers. This announcement should put all rumors about SWTOR shutting down to rest, at least for the foreseeable future. Onslaught is a massive update that increases the game's level cap, adds [...]

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Blade And Soul Kicks Off Legends Reborn Event Today; Server Merges Scheduled For April 24th

blade and soul legends reborn banner

The time has come for the brave martial artists of Blade and Soul to test their mettle against The Lord of the Inferno and the Sacred Longgui as the Legends Reborn event kicks off today. The Ring of Reckoning, the Desolate Mausoleum, and the Burning Mausoleum are now live and unique achievements, titles, and rewards await those who successfully defeat [...]

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