Early Access MMORPG Project Gorgon Drops Box Price With Optional Character Slot Bundle

project gorgon logo key art banner

If you’ve been put off by Project Gorgon’s rather hefty box price, you’ll be happy to know that Elder Game has dropped its price permanently to get more people to buy the game. The indie medieval fantasy MMORPG launched into early access in 2018 with an initial price tag of $39.99 but is now available on Steam for just $19.99.

The catch is that those who purchase the game at the reduced price will only have one character slot to work with, with three extra character slots being offered as a separate purchase for $19.99. Those who already own the game and those who opt-in to the monthly subscription will get the additional slots for free.

The price reduction and character slot bundle is part of the three-man studio’s efforts to generate more revenue and interest in the game amid financial difficulties. The studio has mostly been funding the game out of their own pockets but has been struggling to do so after the founder’s wife and fellow developer was diagnosed with cancer. Loyal players, however, came to the studio’s rescue with a big infusion of donations although that’s bound to dry up sooner or later, hence the pricing change.