PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Reaches Over 2.2M Concurrent Players, PUBG 1.0 In The Works

pubg battlegrounds breach flamesLast week, the unconventionally-named Battle Royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recorded nearly 2 million concurrent players, proceeding to break the 2M mark on October 11, and peaking at 2,279,084 concurrent players on Saturday, October 14th. Along with a steadily-growing playerbase, the widely-popular shooter has also seen a rise in cheaters. According to a Tweet by BattlEye, the anti-cheat software has banned over 322,000 PUBG cheaters, that’s more than twice the reported number of bans for September.

Bluehole is also hard at work preparing the game for the official PC launch and the Xbox Game Preview launch later this year. Both versions will include the new vaulting and climbing system, a new desert map, new vehicles, and a 3D replay feature. The upcoming features are currently being tested on an internal build but will also be made available on the test servers in the coming months. More details available on the official dev blog.

  • namco

    Game is garbage. Its a game of luck and chance.... I would rather the game adapted a more "skill" based style of play, but that wont happen. If another battlegrounds game came out that required skill, in the terms I am thinking of, this game will die so fast..... its only being played because it came in a time when no real new fps games were coming out, and most of the counter strike player base is tired of cheaters.

    • Luck and chance aside, fps battle royale games are picking up in popularity these days. There will always be cheaters in video games however.

    • Brandon Dempsey

      I agree with this guy

    • TianlanSha

      It's a fad, in a year or so it will fade away. Just like MOBAs were before that, also card games, hero shooters, Korean action MMOs, Asian WoW clones and whatnot.

  • EcoBotsGaming

    Unfortunately from all of the comments i'm reading it sounds like a lot of salt... The game needs to be optimized and it needs to deal with the cheaters faster... It has over 2m players online and I don't think they can hire enough people fast enough to deal with the scope of the game. The game isn't bad and it's better than any other BR game i've ever played. The RNG is what keeps the game fresh not ruins it. I see them having a bright future as long as they keep adding content and fixing issues.