Puzzle & Dragons Announces King of Fighters Collaboration Event

One of the more popular Mobile Games out there, Puzzle & Dragons, has announced a collab event with the classic series, King of Fighters. From December 25th, until January 7th, KOF comes to Puzzle & Dragons, with "a plethora of iconic characters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Leona Heidern, and more."

This collaboration will have players fighting alongside classic KOF characters, and dungeon challenges that will have players working to topple Omega Rugal, and overcome his power surge.

KOF Egg Machine Characters

★ 6
●    Kyo Kusanagi
●    Terry Bogard
●    Ryo Sakazaki
●    Leona Heidern
●    Mai Shiranui
●    Iori Yagami
●    Benimaru Nikaido
●    Andy Bogard
●    Yuri Sakazaki
●    Athena Asamiya
●    Chin Gentsai
●    King
●    Kim Kaphwan
●    Takuma Sakazaki
●    Billy Kane

Pixel Evolutions

●    Pixel Kyo Kusanagi
●    Pixel Terry Bogard
●    Pixel Ryo Sakazaki
●    Pixel Leona Heidern
●    Pixel Mai Shiranui
●    Pixel Iori Yagami
●    Pixel Omega Rugal

The Collab will run only until January 7th, so players who are eager to get their King of Fighters fix in, there isn't a better time than now.